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since 2005

ORTLOS space engineering, Graz / London
KulturKontakt Austria

The interdisciplinary team from ORTLOS space engineering, association for the promotion of innovative architecture and interface design, developed  since 2005 the series "Architecture of Happiness" - teaching architecture to apprentices and schoolchildren.

The mediated skills and techniques span the arc  from architecture over  Photography, radio, 3D animation, graphics, model making, collages, video and audio production up to  web 2.0
The projects of the years 2005 to 2011  were published in the publication "Architecture Connects".

BMUKK award for LBS 7 Graz  & the series  Architecture of happiness   "Kunst macht Lehre. One step ahead with cultural education!" .  The award recognizes particularly committed activities to convey art and culture in apprenticeship training.

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