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since 2010

Bank Austria Art Prize 2012

Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film
YOUKI- International Youth Media Festival

KulturKontakt Austria

Under supervision, the participating apprentices discuss and analyze short films from the festival's competition program under certain film-analytical aspects, which depend on the aesthetic and content-related characteristics of the film.  The results will be presented to a selected audience. The apprentices act as multipliers and "mediate" film. 

The central element is the joint discussion of the results and opinions.
The workshop discusses the attitude of the filmmakers as well as the audience and promotes perspectives that enable a differentiated and reflected understanding of a specific film. The workshop series works with feature, documentary and experimental films.

BMUKK award for LBS 8 Graz & the series apprentices analyze film  "Kunst macht Lehre. One step ahead with cultural education!" . The award recognizes particularly committed activities to convey art and culture in apprenticeship training.

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