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Graphic Recording & Visual Facilitation

moderation of events

Cultural mediation & value work

error culture:  Good togetherness

Movi(e)ng - film analysis and conflict work

Systemic coaching & creative team development


Gudrun Jöller builds on her fifteen years of experience in moderating large groups and in value-oriented personality development. Her passion is imparting knowledge creatively and inspiring teams. As a Gestalt pedagogue, a holistic approach and an active exercise of perception are important to her.

Dealing with art and culture is always also dealing with the values of society and one's own attitude. Gudrun Jöller combines this approach to cultural mediation with systemic coaching and experience-oriented methods of Gestalt pedagogy.

Since studying MultiMediaArt with a focus on film and television production, she has been working in cultural management. In 2005 she was in charge of art education at steirischer herbst and subsequently set up the architecture education channel for the interdisciplinary design studio ORTLOS.
  Her passion is art and culture in all their facets. Your field of activity ranges from the Venice Biennale to Community Radio in Graz.

Since 2015 freelance work as a moderator, film, culture and knowledge mediator in the field of creative team development, organizational development and occupational health care. Training as a Gestalt pedagogue at the IIGS, as a systemic coach, in biographical work and sociocratic interviewing.

Prizes and awards


2019  State Prize for Best Practice  for the customer project "Mosaic of Talents" by SSI Schäfer und Mosaik GmbH

2016 nomination of the State Prize Consulting for the value project with Kastner & Öhler and Gigapsort

2016 Constantinus Award , 1st place Personal & Training in cooperation with murbit GmbH, Kastner & Öhler and Gigasport

2012 Bank Austria Art Prize, 1st place in cooperation with Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film and KulturKontakt Austria

2001 State Prize of Upper Austria for innovative cultural work in cooperation with the Sauwald cultural project

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